Petit  Pois  Daycare

French  and  English  Bilingual  Childcare

​​7348 SW Corbett Ave

​Portland, OR 97219



Our Curriculum

​​Each month we explore a new academic theme through the use of stories, songs, and arts and crafts projects. This pace allows children to absorb information and new vocabulary. Nursery rhymes, songs, games and stories make learning a language fun and easy for little ones. Art and craft projects, free-play, show-and-tell, and dressing up fuel your child's imagination as well as teach new vocabulary. Puzzles and other problem-solving activities stimulate your child's critical thinking skills. Every Tuesday morning our little peas practice yoga with Leslie Wilda, director of Yoga Playgrounds. Our curriculum, delivered in a bilingual setting, encourages and engenders self-discovery, self-reliance, and self-expression in children. 

• 7:00 am—Befor care: Breakfast / Free Play
• 8:00 am—Greeting Children and Parents 
• 8:00 am—9:00 Free Play 
• 9:00 am—9:30 Snack Time 
• 9:30 am—10:00 Morning Circle / Movement 
• 10:00 am—10:30 Art Workshop 
• 10:30 am—11:00 Outdoor Play / Gym Time 
• 11:15 am—12:00 Lunch Time 

• 12:00 am—2:30 Nap Time 
• 2:30 pm—3:00 Story Time / Puzzles 
• 3:00 pm—3:30 Snack Time 
• 3:30 pm—4:00 Free Play / Theme Workshop 
• 4:00 pm—4:30 Outdoor Play / Activities
• 4:30 pm—6:00 After care: Snack / Outdoor Play / Goodbyes 

The daily routine may vary for infants and young toddlers.  Infants will be encouraged to follow their own unique sleeping and eating schedules.  We respect the natural pace of learning and development in infants and young toddlers, and will provide stimulating activities that are age-appropriate.